5 Great Reasons to go Scuba Diving on Roatan

Roatan's claim to fame is its amazing reefs and marine life, so going scuba diving should be on the top of your "to do" list when you visit! Even if you've traveled to other popular dive destinations without going diving, here are 5 great reasons to go scuba diving on Roatan!

8 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Storm

Storm preparedness is imperative to surviving a storm (in style). After three years of storm power outages, we finally bit and bought a generator, which was immensely helpful. We will, however, be omitting ideas like that, as we're just focusing on affordable and easy ways to prepare for a storm. Let's have at it!

5 Important Packing Tips for Roatan

I had to learn very quickly how to streamline my packing once I started traveling around the world as a roving scuba diving instructor. Since I had to be the one throwing my bags on and off buses and ferries and dealing with airline weight restrictions (which can be difficult to manage once you take into account how heavy scuba equipment is), I became much better at packing well. Quality, not quantity!